Vaniyar Dam full to the brim

Vaniyar Dam, one of the big dam in Dharmapuri district, reached its full level after a gap of four years. The water level of the dam on Monday was 64.29 ft as against its full depth of 65 feet. The excess water was being released to the lakes through the water channels from last week.

Due to this the lakes in Venkatasamuthram, Aalapuram and Onthiampatti has reached full level. The Thenkaraikottai and Parayapatti lakes are yet to fill up. The farmers expressed happiness due to the release of excess water from storage of the lakes.The two other dams, including Chinnar, have reached its full level. As many as 120 lakes out of the 1,197 lakes under the control of the Panchayats and 13 lakes under the control of PWD out of the 73 have reached full level. Meanwhile, the water level at the Thoppaiyar Dam reached 43.60 ft as against its full depth of 50.18 ft. The water inflow into the dam was 88 cft.

The water level in Varattaru Dam reached 33.25 ft as against full capacity of 34.45 ft.