Trust seeks five acres of government land

Special Correspondent

Near Chennai-Bangalore National Highway for trauma care centre

VELLORE: The Trauma Care and Road Safety (T-CARS) Trust, a Vellore-based charitable trust involved in primary trauma care in Vellore district, has sought 5 acres of government land to construct a trauma care centre on a highway.

In an appeal to Collector C. Rajendran, the trust has sough a minimum of five acres of government land with approach road near the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway (forming part of the golden quadrilateral) near Vellore so that the trust could rush first aid to accident victims on the highway during ‘golden hour’ (the first one hour after an accident) and save lives.

In a memorandum submitted to the Collector through Franco Benedict, trustee and general secretary, T-CARS Trust, T.N. Seshan, chairman and managing trustee of the trust and former Chief Election Commissioner, said that the number of accidents on the Chennai-Bangalore National Highway had dramatically increased after the widening of the highway into a four-lane road made part of the golden quadrilateral. By establishing a trauma care centre near the four-lane highway near Vellore, the T-CARS Trust would be able to reduce the time taken to transport accident victims to hospital, arrange for immediate medical attention and save their lives, he said. Acknowledging the steps taken by the State government and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in reducing the number of accidents and providing primary trauma care, Mr. Seshan said that the establishment of a trauma care centre by the T-CARS Trust would supplement the efforts of the government.

Dr. Benedict said that the trust also submitted a similar memorandum to District Revenue Officer A Suganthi.

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