Traffic modifications for pipe-laying work

Staff Reporter

CHENNAI: The police have made certain traffic modifications on Cenotaph Road and Chamiers Road due to a pipe-laying work on Cenotaph Road.

The traffic changes will come into force with immediate effect and remain till the completion of the work on January 27, according to a release issued by the police on Saturday.

The release said that Cenotaph Road would be closed for vehicular traffic from the junction of Chamiers Road-Turn Bulls Road.

Vehicles proceeding towards Cenotaph Road from Chamiers Road would be diverted through Chamiers Road and T.T.K. Salai.

Likewise, vehicles coming from Turn Bulls point from Kotturpuram Bridge would be diverted towards Chamiers Road and T.T.K. Salai. All other traffic modifications on Chamiers Road and Cenotaph Road would continue.

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