Traffic islands on Charing Cross in a state of neglect

Eyesore: A traffic island on Charing Cross in Udhagamandalam. –

Eyesore: A traffic island on Charing Cross in Udhagamandalam. –  

D. Radhakrishnan

‘Authorities should not wait till next season to give a facelift’

Udhagamandalam: An observation shared by many of the tourists who visited Udhagamandalam during this summer was that the maintenance of Charing Cross at the threshold of the town was not in keeping with the reputation of this holiday destination.

Many in the travel and hospitality industry told The Hindu here on Wednesday that the first impression either made or marred the reputation of any tourist resort.

They said that there were many reasons for Charing Cross wearing a shabby look.

Underground drainage

While the messy job done on repairing the underground storm water drain was one of the reasons, a major factor was the condition of the traffic islands, which were in a state of neglect.

They lamented that they continued to be eyesores on account of the wild growth.

Expressing the hope that the authorities concerned would not wait till next summer to give the traffic islands a facelift, they pointed out that unlike a few years ago tourist traffic into the district was now round the year.

While the post summer flow of tourists, especially during the weekends, was good, there were many in different parts of the country and abroad who like to come here during the South-West Monsoon.

Hence damage control measures should be put in place without delay.

Regretting that many of the wayside gardens now presented a pathetic appearance, they expressed the hope that they would be improved at least before September.

Particularly, the garden on the Lord Wenlock road has been languishing for long for want of attention.

Since during this part of the year many committees of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly made a bee line to this vacation spot, they expressed the hope that a turn around would be brought in the state of affairs.

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