Traffic congestion

The recent move of Salem Corporation to lay a road on the banks of Thiru- manimutharu River should be welcomed. The Corp-oration should now take steps to reduce traffic congestion in the city.

Sendhil Kumar. V,


Clean Tirupur

Will the formation of a new district with Tirupur as headquarters make Tirupur a clean and beautiful city? When I was passing through the Tirupur railway station recently I found tonnes of garbage scattered for kilometers parallel to the railway tracks on both sides. The interior city is also no better.

Will the rich exporters of Tirupur do something to make the city a better place to live in? It is ironical that rich cities are also found to be the ugliest. Mumbai, the richest city in India, is the seventh most ugliest city in the world. Many years ago, the diamond city Surat in Gujarat was hit by plague because of unsanitary conditions. Surat is now a beautiful and clean city thanks to the efforts a civil servant. One hopes

Tirupur does not require an epidemic to make it beautiful.



Railway track

I thank the railways for converting the meterguage line from Katpadi to Mayavaram to broadguage. An additional track may also be laid to facilitate movement of two trains up and down simultaneously to help passengers between these two stations. Vellore, Thiruvannamalai, Villupuram, Cuddallore and Thanjavur will be connected if this project is implemented.

G.N. Devaraj,


Credit system

This refers to the report that choice-based credit system is to be introduced in arts and science colleges (March 31) from the next academic year. It is stated that the system will improve skill levels and make graduates more employable.

The advantages of this system are standardisation of the degree to internationally-accepted levels, emphasis on job-oriented courses, scope for skill-oriented elective subjects of students aptitude. The following problems should be solved and certain clarifications are needed.

Only then will the system be useful.

Any academic reform should be discussed at a larger forum before it is introduced. Faculty members should be consulted and briefed about the system. The system is based on the western model. It should be assessed whether it will suit Indian conditions. The course fee should not be hiked. The syllabus should be approved before May. Under this system students are allowed to choose their course, teachers and timings. All these will lead to many problems in rural colleges. In view of the above, the system is suitable only for colleges in urban areas.

V.S. Ganesamurthy,


Abuse of girls

The report about the sexual abuse of tribal minor school girls (March 22) is shocking indeed. No stone should be left unturned to arrest the perpetrators of the crime. The police should ensure that the criminals get their just desserts.

It is heart-rending to imagine the agony of the hapless minor girls and of their families.

The efforts of the tribal children, especially girls, to get a rudimentary education are beset with many hazards.

S. Venkatachalam,


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