Tourism spots

The report ‘Showcasing Tirupur tourism spots’ (Oct. 22) was timely. In the proposed handbook of information on tourist spots under the sub-head ‘Temples’, the photo image of Arulmigu Prasanna Vinayagar of Prasanna Vinayagar temple of Udumalpet should also be included. The Vinayagar idol is well-known for its sculptural excellence and majestic appearance. After the Puliakulam Vinayagar idol this is the second tallest Vinayagar idol in the erstwhile Coimbatore district. Moreover, the temple itself is a standing example of communion of Saiva and Vaishnava theological expositions attracting a large number of adherents to both the faiths during Pradosam and Ekadasi festivals.

S. Boominathan,


Tea trade

Only large-scale traders benefit from the discount/subsidy scheme on the bulk purchase of tea from the tea e-auction centre. The Special Tea Fund does not reach small growers directly. The Commerce Ministry should find a solution to this. Tea Board should meet regularly during the peak season and redress grievances of small growers. The Board should check tea adulteration. A special squad should be formed to arrest culprits who indulge in adulteration.

B. Bellukutty,

The Nilgiris.

TNHB houses

This refers to the report on Tamil Nadu Government constructing quarters for the police. Tamil Nadu Housing Board (TNHB) has constructed houses and allotted them to the poor. But even after living in those houses for 15 years, the occupants can’t own them because though they have paid the land price in instalments, the Board now asks them to pay the land price with interest, penal interest and interest accrued on capital. The interest accrued is owing to the government’s negligence and delay in issuance of sale deeds. The buildings constructed by the Board are in a pathetic condition. Some time ago one of them at Ukkadam had collapsed killing many people. People in Singanallur are afraid of living in the Board houses as the ceiling will fall any moment.

Even though the government is ready to give sale deeds to the residents there, they want to vacate the houses. I request the government to arrange to repair these buildings before it constructs new ones.

Suresh. R,


Racial attacks

Despite the issue of racial attacks on immigrant Indian students in Australia having been taken up at government level, there have been instances of suicides of Indian students. With such an inhospitable climate, how can Australia attract foreign students? With every suicide, a promising budding career withers, a family is ruined, a nation’s resource is wasted. Security is the basic need of a student and if it is denied, it is risky to take the plunge. Hospitality is the hallmark of a host country.

A place can be an education centre only if the environment and ambient conditions are congenial. And to provide these adequately should be its efforts.

S. Venkatachalam,


Trapeze act

We heaved a sigh of relief when the side middle berths in railway coaches were dispensed with. But our joy was short-lived. These berths have now taken a new avatar in the form of an extra cushion for the side-upper berths. This padding has given rise to many problems. The roof of the coach is so low at this section that occupants have to virtually crouch – their body having to go through a series of contortions and convolutions before they can stretch which does a gymnast proud. Gaining access to the berth calls for hazardous climbing followed by deft balancing skills of a trapeze artiste. Climbing down is equally challenging and arduous. The strong and the sturdy may welcome this challenge but not people advanced in age who sometimes get these berths allotted. For them it is a nightmare! Can status quo be restored as it obtained prior to introduction of these “middle berths”? The Railways must act here and now.

R. Narayanan,


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