Time management essential for success in examinations

It is vital: A Newspaper in Education session in progress at VKK Play Group Higher Secondary School on Monday.

It is vital: A Newspaper in Education session in progress at VKK Play Group Higher Secondary School on Monday.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: G. Moorthy

D. Karthikeyan

MADURAI: Time management remains one of the most essential aspects for a successful career, and especially for students it provides a foundational basis for their growth both in the academics as well as life.

Along with their everyday academic activities, students have to juggle too many tasks and it is where time management skills come in handy as they help prioritise things and execute them in order. The Hindu Newspaper in Education’s (NIE) ‘Enhancing Academic Performance’ module is one such effort that helps students to plan things accordingly.

Students of Class IX at VKK Play Group Higher Secondary School got a glimpse of what the art of time management is all about and how crucial it is during the examination season at a session held on Monday.

Resource person P. Manjula asked students how they would prepare for examinations before a month’s time. Balasaraswathi was quick to answer. She said that the first thing she would do is to draft a timetable and spend the first day in selecting the subjects and the first week for essay type answers and then gradually move to the short answers and one words and leave the last week for revision.

Appreciating her, the resource person gave an analogy of how we fill the bottle with stones — first we put large stones inside and then go for smaller ones and finally with sand and fill the bottle. So its better to start with essay type answers and end with one word answers.

She asked all the students to write down how each of them would prepare for examinations. She gave tips to the students and asked them to avoid eating food from outside during exam time and stay relaxed and not stress themselves much during the eve of examinations and also prepare a list of things that one needs to carry on the examination day.

Of all things, student’s attentiveness in classroom helps them in a better way than all efforts that are taken outside the classroom, she concluded.

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