Thyagi NGR

The report on Thyagi NGR was excellent (‘Architects of Coimbatore’, Jan.16). But there are some omissions. NGR used to take lunch only with labourers or Harijans. His only concern was that the labourers should not be cheated and that they should not suffer at any cost.

A mill worker in Kaleeswara Mills, Coimbatore, Kattoor Ganesh and ‘betelnut’ Dorai, a well-known footballer in those days, started a football club in NGR’s memory after his death in1943.

The club was later affiliated with Coimbatore District Football Association (CDFA).

The club is now called Thyagi NGR Sports Club which is in the first division position and the oldest club in CDFA. I had played for the club in my younger days. I am 72 years now.

O. Shanmugasundaram,

NGGO Colony

Water woes

On behalf of about hundred families in Kothari Layout and B.R. Nagar in Ward No.14 I endorse the grievance expressed by Mr. J.V.V. Murthy in these columns (Jan. 27) about the poor and erratic supply of drinking water in this sector. The problem is not new and all our representations to officials have only made matters worse.

In this situation, we cannot even dream of 24 hours of supply by the Corporation. We will be quite happy and contented if the Corporation supplies adequate water at least on alternate days without fail.

The Corporation has embarked on cutting off water supply where there is failure or delay in payment of property tax.

On the same token, will the Corporation waive payment of property tax in places where it has failed to supply water regularly?

M.K. Nagaratnam,

President, Kothari Layout-B.R.Nagar, Residents Welfare Association, Trichy Road

No street light

Sharada Nagar, a segment of Kovaipudur in Kuniamuthur Municipality, does not have street lights at all. Though promises have been made nothing has been done to have the street lights installed. Will the authorities concerned look into this?

B.R. Shetty,


Harassing honest citizens

In December I got a notice from the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation asking me to pay property tax for 2008-2009 (second half) which is due in March 2009. The notice said if I did not pay the tax within a week of the date of the notice my water connection would be cut. I have paid tax for the first half in April 2008 itself. How can the Corporation issue me a notice asking me to pay the tax in December 2008 for the half which is due in March 2009? The Corporation should bring defaulters who have not paid tax for years to book instead of harassing honest citizens. Moreover, any notice should be served only after the due date and not three months before the due date?

C.R. Sadasivam,


Railway projects

Railway users of Coimbatore hope that the ongoing Southern Railway projects will progress without hitches. The year just passed saw hectic activities such as undertaking of yard remodelling in Coimbatore junction to facilitate easy entry of more trains into and exit from Coimbatore junction and also doubling of Podanur-Coimbatore junction (by gauge conversion) and Irugur-Coimbatore north doubling works which are nearing completion. The only work that is completed is that of the sixth broad gauge platform. People of Coimbatore hope the Southern Railway will complete the ongoing projects in Coimbatore soon to facilitate easy movement of all trains through this junction.

Ravi. S,

Saibaba Colony

Luxury buses

Introduction of low berth luxury buses in Coimbatore is a boon to its citizens. Office-goers and the aged prefer to travel in these buses as seats in them are comfortably designed with plenty of leg space. Even those who stand feel comfortable.

During peak hours pass-holding students board these buses in groups and occupy most of the seats.

Other passengers who pay a higher fare (three times the normal fare plus Re. 1) do not get seats and they are made to stand. I suggest that the pass-holding students be allowed to travel only in ordinary buses and not in the luxury ones.

M.V. Namby,


Vigilance raids

Vigilance and anti-corruption department officials are launching surprise raids in government offices and bringing to book those who take bribe. It is unfortunate that even those in the position of tahsildars, who have magisterial powers, fall into the vigilance department net.

Most of the government servants who are arrested are on the verge of retirement. It is a shame that they are caught red-handed at the fag end of their career. The government servants should realise that they get their monthly salary from the taxes collected from people who, in many cases, live below the poverty line.

R. Vanarajan,


Senior citizen and LIC

In 2004 Life Insurance Corporation introduced Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana Annuity Policy at nine per cent interest to help senior citizens.

At that time the interest offered by banks was seven-eight per cent. Many senior citizens at the behest of LIC agents invested in this policy which can be surrendered only after 15 years or on death of the policy holder.

Now banks offer 11 per cent interest for fixed deposits, post office savings schemes such as M.I.S. offer 10 per cent incentive and have a provision to close them with a small penal interest.

I therefore request the LIC to increase the annuity interest from nine per cent to 10 per cent or allow the policy holders to close the policy with payment of a small penal interest.

V.G. Mahadevan,

Ponnaya Raja Puram Post

Ration cards

It is time the issuance of ration cards is computerised. This will expedite disbursal of ration cards pending for years in Coimbatore and also prevent malpractices.

The cards should be issued strictly on priority of date of application.

M. Subramanian,

K.K. Pudur (Readers can mail to >cbereaders@thehindu.co.in with address and phone number)

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