They found varied applications for engineering skills

WASTE TO WEALTH: Students participate in the ‘Rumble in the Junk’ competition organised as part of Kurukshetra 2009 in Chennai on Saturday.

WASTE TO WEALTH: Students participate in the ‘Rumble in the Junk’ competition organised as part of Kurukshetra 2009 in Chennai on Saturday.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: M.Karunakaran

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At Kurukshetra, teams made technology work for them

CHENNAI: As a group of students of the Mohamed Sathak A.J. College of Engineering used all dimensions of their engineering skills and performed a complicated task of running an encrypted program to tap secret information and disable a sensor of a prison security system, it became quite easy for the group to escape from the prison.

This team was able to escape first before other teams did and got the first prize in the competition ‘Alcatraz’ as part of Kurukshetra 2009, the annual techno-management festival organised by students of the College of Engineering, Guindy.

“Cyber crime can be curbed by engineers knowing practical aspects of crime aided by technology. This competition ‘Alcatraz’ required the participants to escape from prison with their engineering skills,” said B.Arun Kumar, one of the organisers.

The name of the competition came from a famous prison, earlier located on the island of Alcatraz in the U.S., he said. There were around 800 participants in competition ‘Alcatraz’ from various engineering colleges in the country.

Another event at Kurukshetra, ‘Rumble in the Junk’ attracted a lot of participants. Teams were given a certain quantity of junk material, including items such as metal pipes and electric motors. With a common objective set for all teams they were required to achieve the objective by using the junk provided.

Every team received an identical pile of junk and they showed their engineering skills with an element of inventiveness in the one day time provided to complete their contraption.

A small washing machine, ‘Innowash Nano,’ designed and built at a cost of Rs.2,900 by students led by N.Alagendran was one among the selected entries in the competition ‘PD3.’

PD3 was a 2-day event with three rounds of product display, presentation and marketing.

“The invention was judged by innovation, cost effectiveness, manufacturability, design effectiveness and the range of target customers,” said Preethy Krishnamurthy, one of the coordinators.

Innovative low-cost solar power lights with better power saving ability designed by a team from P.S.G. Tech could save 60 per cent power.

“The multiplexing feature we used to design this equipment will make this a good device for farmers in rural areas,” said B.Mohankumar, one of the team members.

Yuvraj Singh of IIT-Madras presented his business idea of handling luggage in Airports with Radio Frequency Identification tags.

“At Kurukshetra we learn the importance of team work in making technology work for us,” said S.Prashant a student of College of Engineering, Guindy.

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