Technical snag in BSNL broadband server in Bangalore hits Internet access

Special Correspondent

It took 10 hours to repair the hardware fault in the server

CHENNAI: A technical snag in the common control equipment attached to the BSNL broadband server in Bangalore disrupted Internet access to users across the country, including Chennai, on Wednesday.

It took nearly 10 hours of troubleshooting to repair the hardware fault in the server located in BSNL’s National Operating Centre in Bangalore, official sources said.

It is estimated that the disruption affected about 40 per cent of BSNL’s DataOne subscribers across the country who use the “MultiPlay,” or enhanced Internet experience involving data, voice and video-on-demand services.

In Chennai, about 80,000 of the 2.5 lakh DataOne subscribers use “MultiPlay” services.

BSNL launched “MultiPlay” services as a value addition a few months ago under its Phase 3 expansion plan. The Phase 2 involved dial-up connections (Sancharnet).

A Chennai Telephones official said even Phase 3 broadband connections have been given the dial-up option since last month on a trial basis. Essentially, all the 10 lakh landline connections in the telecom circle are connected to the “Internet Cloud” though the speeds would be relatively lower than broadband, an official said.

To use the fall-back option, users have to click on the network connections tab and opt for dial-up (172222) to access the Net. All landline users were given the dial-up option as part of Chennai Telephones’ drive to get more subscribers to get a feel of the Internet. As an incentive, the browsing charges (Rs.6 an hour) have been waived during the trial period which ends on December 31, an official said. As part of making its portfolio of services versatile to “meet all sorts of needs of users”, the department had rolled out NetOne or the “account-less Internet” where users pay per browsing hour.

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