Surgery done on four-day-old infant

Special Correspondent

TIRUCHI: Doctors at the Joseph Eye Hospital in the city have performed a trabeculectomy, a surgical procedure to relieve intra-ocular pressure, on a four-day-old infant who suffered from congenital glaucoma.

Kayal, the daughter of a migrant couple from Sri Lanka living in the city, looked normal on birth. Kayal’s father Rajasingam had noticed some irregularity in her eyes a day later. The girl was referred to the hospital by her paediatrician.

According to a release from the hospital, congenital glaucoma was a potentially blinding disease. Kayal was just four days old when a team of senior doctors, specialising in paediatric ophthalmology and glaucoma, examined her. The intra-ocular pressure was increasing at more than the acceptable rate. The surgery was performed quickly to relieve the intraocular pressure. The pressure has reduced considerably after the surgery and the girl’s condition was being closely monitored, the release said.

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