Study findings of fever cases sent to Bangalore lab

Shastry V. Mallady

MADURAI: Findings of the laboratory analysis of fever cases in the State have been sent to a “well-established” laboratory in Bangalore.

Serum samples collected from various fever-affected districts, including Tirunelveli, Theni, Madurai and Tiruvallur, were processed at the Centre for Research in Medical Entomology (CRME) here, a laboratory of the Indian Council of Medical Research.

“The process of inoculation has been done in our Madurai laboratory. We have sent the findings to a facility in Bangalore to do the sequencing. We are pinning down on the causes/type of fever,” B. K. Tyagi, Director, CRME, told The Hindu on Monday.

A scientific study of the fever cases has been taken up by the CRME at the instance of the Tamil Nadu Health Department amid reports of suspected chikungunya-type fever outbreak in some districts.

Dr. Tyagi said serum samples were collected from the fever-affected persons and analysed by the CRME experts with the help of National Institute of Epidemiology, Chennai.

“In the field of virology, many viruses overlap with each other…and unless the confirmation is received from Bangalore laboratory, the exact nature of fever cannot be ascertained,” Dr. Tyagi said.

Sequencing results

According to him, the sequencing results are expected in a couple of days and the final laboratory analysis report will be given to the health authorities for further action.

The studies to detect the virus which is now causing the chikungunya-type fever were over and the results would be made known by Thursday after receiving the authentic second opinion from Bangalore, Dr. Tyagi said.

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