Stray dog menace

Stray dog menace, which remained abated for sometime in the city, has, of late, started rearing its ugly head again, scaring children who are unable to move about independently without the help of adults, particularly in and around Chidambara Nagar, Bryant Nagar and Caldwell Colony.

Sometimes, even adults are not spared. Therefore, the authorities concerned are requested to control menace.

Emerson R Samuel,


Educational loans

The student applicants for the educational loans for professional courses submit the fee structures of colleges where the students are admitted.

The scheme as such is wonderfully benefiting the students of the families under the below poverty line categories as otherwise these students could not imagine of their admission to professional courses.

The fees applicable at the time of a year or two years ago would not withstand the change of time, particularly in the case of hostel fees. Thanks to the Governments’ efforts, the college fee structure is maintained unchanged by many self-financing colleges but the hostel fees could not, owing to high cost of food inflation.

The managements of these self-financing colleges alone should not be blamed. The Government is also responsible for the ever-increasing prices of essential food items.

The Government is requested to intervene and advise these colleges to issue the fee structure for hostel every year and banks to enhance the amount of loan accordingly.

N. Kasilingam,


Increase bus services

Eral is one of the important commercial towns in Tuticorin district. Several people, including the traders from far-away places like Tiruchendur and Tirunelveli, are visiting the town every day. However, bus services from Eral to the places like Tirunelveli, Srivaikundam and Tiruchendur are unsatisfactory. In particular, the shuttle trips from the town to Tirunelveli have been recently cancelled without reason.

Despite appeals and petitions from the local people to ply more buses and resume the cancelled bus services, so far no proper action has been taken by the authorities.

P. Senthil Saravana Durai,


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