Statement of murdered couple’s son recorded

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: Vidya Shankar, son of the couple murdered in Neelankarai on August 24, and his two children who were injured in the shooting incident, appeared before a Judicial Magistrate and gave statements.

His wife Vasanthi, who is undergoing treatment at Malar Hospitals, has already recorded her statement with the police. According to the police, Vasanthi will be discharged early Wednesday morning. The family members, who are French nationals, will take a flight to Paris the same morning.

Vasanthi was admitted to the hospital after she was shot at by the gunman. “She came to us over an hour after the shooting happened. She was losing blood, had low haemoglobin levels, and was in a state of shock,” Nandkumar Sundaram, consultant in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery, Malar Hospitals, explained. She had gunshot injuries on the neck, right shoulder, left chest, and left side of abdomen.

The patient was put on primary resuscitation, Thanigai Vendan, senior consultant anaesthesiologist and critical care specialist at the hospital, said. She was taken for a CT scan to see the extent of damage caused by the bullet wounds and then wheeled into the operation theatre.

Three of the bullets that were lodged in the neck, chest and abdomen were removed by plastic surgeon Purushotham and Dr. Sundaram. The bullet that went into the shoulder had shattered the bone and embedded itself deep. Dr. Sundaram had to put a plate in to stabilise the joint and decided to leave the bullet, to be removed at a later date. “It can be taken out later when the patient recovers from this traumatic experience,” he said.

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