Spontaneity is his forte

Vijay Antony.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: M.Vedan

He is just six films old in Tamil tinsel town. But, he has made heads turn with his brand of melody and foot tapping numbers. Right from ‘Dilamo’ and ‘Suppose…’ to the recent ‘Nakka Mukka’, his songs find audience among people with varied tastes for music. Taking time between music composition for the film ‘4777’, which is under production, music director Vijay Antony talks about how he made it into the industry and the road ahead in an interview with K.Lakshmi.

What started as a hobby to gain popularity during college days turned him to a full-fledged music composer. “I used to make up songs instantly at college to hog the limelight. Little did I realise that I was composing music,” said Mr. Antony.

He then set out to learn more about music even as he worked as sound engineer and composed music for jingles. “I did not have a background in music unlike several others in the field. I pay attention to even minute details. I think this has helped achieve what I am today,” he said.

His meeting with producer V.Ravichandran of Ascar Films served as a launch pad into film industry with ‘Dishyum.’ However, ‘Sukran’ that released first gave him a break in the field. “I don’t plan anything. I believe in spontaneous music. But, I look for perfection in whatever I do, be it composing a tune or even cooking a dish,” said Mr.Antony.

Asked about the popularity of unusual words such as ‘nakka mukka’ in his songs, he quipped: “I have composed melodious songs, ‘Nenjakootil’ and ‘Un Thalai Mudi,’ that are equally popular. But somehow I am identified with fast numbers with such words and I let it be my style. Choice of first words of songs is very important to me.”

How does he manage to juggle between music rendition, penning lyrics and singing? “I just do whatever is comfortable to me and I like to experiment. Coining words like ‘Dilamo’ also form part of my experiments,” remarked Mr. Antony.

About the songs in ‘4777’, he says: “This is my next experiment. I have composed a fast number with the original lines of the classic, ‘Aathichudi,’” he said. Most of his songs have had fresh voices. But, he terms it as unintentional and singers are chosen according to the tune. “Probably, this has spelt success for the songs as they are listened to for the fresh feel,” said Mr.Antony, who makes use of his website to select talented singers. Two such singers who e-mailed him have been recently given an opportunity, he added.

On the trend of remix songs, he said, “There is nothing wrong with it. But I avoid them as I want to give more of my tunes.”

Besides composing for 10 films at a stretch including ‘A.Aa.E.Ee’ and ‘Angadi Theru’, Mr.Antony is all set to make an album in Hindi and instrumental music.

“I am still learning a lot in music every day. I am getting offers to act. I want to experiment in various fields in cinema. I hope things will fall in place at the right time for me,” he said.