Southern Railway freight earnings up by 39 per cent

Special Correspondent

Net tonne kilometre per wagon day shows a 12.5 per cent improvement

33% increase in coal loaded and carried

80,000 tonnes of limestone moved

CHENNAI: Southern Railway has shown a 39 per cent increase in freight earnings during April this year compared to April in the last financial year.

The zone transported 2.963 million tonnes of cargo during the month as against 2.368 million tonnes during the same period last year. This is 14 per cent over the target and 25 per cent over the corresponding period last year.

What is significant is that, not just the tonnage has exceeded in April 2009, but the net tonne kilometre per wagon day has shown a 12.5 per cent improvement. This in essence is the highest indicator of the railway’s ability to both carry additional cargo and utilise its infrastructure to the maximum. The zone also achieved a 6.5 per cent increase in the number of kilo metres that each wagon ran per day and reduced the turnaround times of wagons by 6 per cent. In terms of commodities, Southern Railway has shown a 33 per cent increase in the quantum of coal loaded and carried on its system. Of this, a significant increase is from our major ports in the region namely Chennai, Ennore and Tuticorin. There is almost a 30 per cent increase in the quantum of coal being moved to the Raichur Thermal Power Plant, Rayalaseema Thermal Power Plant and Mettur Thermal Power Plant from these ports. There is also an increase of coal being transported for industrial use, mainly to Malco, Tamil Nadu News Print, Pugalur, and India Cements at Talayuthu in Tirunelveli. The zone has also shown a 15 per cent increase in the quantum of cement loaded. Another significant increase in cargo loaded on the Southern Railway system is the loading and movement of approximately 80,000 tonnes of limestone, which was moved from Mangalore Port to Jindal Steel Plant in Bellary.

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