Sort out problems

We are all aware that the Indian Red Cross Society is unique social, organization, which helps the need at times of natural calamities, accidents etc.

Not only that the Salem Chapter of the society was generous enough to donate books and note books to the poor children, clothes to the flood affected people and blood screening camps.

With the help of district administrations, some philanthropists and social activists had contributed and even constructed a pucca building for Red Cross Society office in Salem during 2004.

It is waiting for its inauguration till date. The General Body and executive meetings of the same also have not been held for the past 3 years.

Indian Red Cross is the one organisation where the people with social consciousness unite and promote the cause and importance of social service and operationalise the same.

It is one of the organizations which act as a gateway for the outgoing college students who want to serve the people.

Hence the district authorities should come forward to sort out the problems, if any, and encourage the activities involving the volunteers who really want to serve the organisation.

K. C. Gopikumar,


Health insurance scheme

Tamilnadu Government is planning to introduce health insurance scheme for deserving patients in private hospitals in addition to government hospitals.

The government is in the process of identifying hospitals for this.

I request the government to be very strict in selecting the hospitals.

They should be fully equipped with the latest gadgets and manpower.

They should have a rehabilitation medicine department with a rehabilitation medicine specialist. Any treatment will not be complete without rehabilitation.

Dr. B.R. Ramasubramanian,


Hooligans rule

Women are beaten up in Mangalore; North Indians are attacked in Nasik; newspapers offices ransacked; street fights by opposing parties; road blockades for trivial issues; cinema theatres showing films of ‘other’ regions set on fire; ‘satyagraha’ on rail tracks; buses burnt to show solidarity; drunken brawls and drunken driving killing families; setting fires in forests; peace marches ending in wars between two different groups of ‘peace lovers’ -- the list of hooliganisms is never ending. Not a day passes without hooligans having their heyday. It is also distressing to note that many a time students are involved in the activities of hooligans.

Many may take these as minor aberrations.

But these acts if left uncontrolled will lead to anarchy and catastrophe.

V.S. Venkatavaradan,


Update website

Of late college students rely on websites for everything.

If all websites are fed with information on a regular basis users stand to benefit.

First year and second year engineering students in Bharathiar University are disappointed to find that the university website hardly provides any information pertaining to their subjects, portions etc.

Officials concerned should look into the matter seriously and fulfil the requirements of end users.

R. Nagarajan,


Speed breakers

The recently-widened roads have beautified Salem.

But the number of accidents caused by reckless driving is a matter of great concern.

The only way to control the speeding vehicles is to set up speed breakers at regular intervals.

C.S. Divya,


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