Some useful tips

Madurai: If you want to construct a house and do not want to be trapped by inflation, here are a few suggestions from V. Ramachandran, former national president of Builders’ Association of India.

Modest budget

Never be over-ambitious. Plan your house within your reach. Let the project cost be 30 per cent less than your affordable resources.

Ready cash

Keep cash ready to avoid delay in the project. It is ideal if the house is constructed within 6 to 8 months.

No alteration

Tear as many plans in paper as possible. But never remove a brick to alter the plan. For, it comes with a cost. It is better to visit houses similar to that of your plan and make a decision. But once decided, stick to it.

No interference

Let there be no interference from friends and relatives to make your dream project better. Though there should be no compromise on quality, affordability should always come before comfort.

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