Shortfall in kuruvai to be made up in samba crop

Special Correspondent

Adequate stock of 9, 444 tonnes of fertilizers available

Samba to be raised on 1,35,000 hectares against the normal 1,06,000 hectares

Kuruvai was raised only on 13,000 hectares as against 45,000 hectares normally

THANJAVUR: Shortfall in Kuruvai will be made up in the samba cultivation in Thanjavur district this year according to agriculture department officials.

Kuruvai could not be taken up in canal irrigated areas in the district due to shortage of water at Mettur dam which delayed the release.

Against a normal area of 45,000 hectares covered under the Kuruvai crop, the crop was raised only on 13,000 hectares this year.

Increasing level

With water level now increasing in Mettur dam and the prospects of releasing water for samba cultivation in the first week of August looking bright, agriculture department has decided to increase the samba coverage area in the district.

Accordingly samba would be raised on 1,35,000 hectares against the normal of 1,06,000 hectares.

Farmers are preparing the field for samba cultivation, said department officials. There is stock of 1,585 tonnes of samba seeds, they said.

Varieties include ADT43 and CR1009, which have a duration of 140 to 150 days. Samba is a long term crop while Kuruvai is a short term crop.

There is an adequate stock of fertilizers of all varieties – Di Ammonium Phosphate, Urea and Potash. The district had stocked about 9, 444 tonnes of fertilizers.

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