Shaking hands with Santa

Christmas celebrations – right from the Christmas tree to cakes - have gone through revolutionary change in recent years. Children, who once saw the Santa Claus only on greeting cards, can shake hands now with the imported dancing Santa.

Serial bulbs wrapped in glossy colour papers have been replaced by brightly coloured lights in attractive shapes and sizes and charming decorative articles.

“Though customers are bit worried about the price of the imported decorative articles, those who want to have them in their cribs never hesitate,” says K. Samraj Jothi Pandian, manager of Diocesan Book Depot at Murugankurichi in Palayamkottai, chief supplier of Christmas trees, decorative articles and ornamental lights to southern districts.

Christmas celebrations won’t be complete if cakes do not find a place in the festivity. Naturally, bakeries come out with cakes in eye-catching shapes and colours.

The Aryaas Group of Hotels, which celebrates every Christmas with more than 40 varieties of gorgeously designed cakes every year, has invited a cake expert from Bangalore to make cakes in various stunning designs, including the world-famous cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry.

“We want to give the best to our customers for this Christmas. Our cakes will make this Christmas a memorable one,” says the partner of Aryaas Group of Hotels, Jayaprakash Narayan.

P. Sudhakar

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