Secondary radar fails at Chennai airport

Special Correspondent

ATC operators adopted manual procedure for landing and take-off

A stretch of the cables was damaged

Arrival and departure of flights delayed

CHENNAI: The Mono-pulse Secondary Surveillance Radar, also known as secondary radar, at the Chennai airport failed for nearly four hours on Tuesday after a portion of the cables connecting the radar house and the Air Traffic Control tower was damaged.

Following this, arrival and departure of flights were delayed. The delay ranged between half-an-hour and an hour, said the sources. Airport sources said a group of workers, involved in construction activity, damaged the cables while digging around 9.30 a.m. This affected the connectivity to the radar, the sources added.

With the failure of the secondary radar, the ATC operators adopted manual procedure for landing and take-off, which resulted in the delay, said the AAI authorities. Consequently, arrival and departure of nearly 20 flights were delayed.

The cables were repaired around 1.30 p.m. Airport sources said that in the past eight months this was the fourth time that the radar failed at the airport because of cable cuts, affecting the movement of aircraft.

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