Scraps of clay, coarse sands, works of art

Life-size: Sand sculptor Ranjan Kumar Ganguli giving finishing touches to his work at Saarang ’10 on Sunday.

Life-size: Sand sculptor Ranjan Kumar Ganguli giving finishing touches to his work at Saarang ’10 on Sunday.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: M. Karunakaran

S. Aishwarya

CHENNAI: After two days of gizmo-driven events, the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras celebrated what it always cherishes: nature. On day three of Saarang ’10, the air was thick with an overwhelming smell of earth as slabs of clay modelling and sand sculpting workshops were held.

Tiny scraps of clay and coarse sands were all over the campus. But students did not seem to mind them. In fact, some scrupulously collected the remains to create their own masterpieces.

The busiest pathway on the campus during the last two days was the one leading to the food court.

The scene was no different on Sunday, but it attracted people for an altogether different reason. Standing majestically amid heaps of sand was a sculpture that drew participants in good numbers. With a message ‘Stop smoking,’ the sand sculpture by Ranjan Kumar Ganguli was enough to popularise his workshop on sand sculpting.

Holding plastic pails and shovels, the participants worked on their creation. The instructor said: “Feel the sand with your hands and you would know how much force one should apply. There is no hard-and-fast rule. A bit of common sense would make it easier.”

At the clay workshop, on around the same time, spectators were seen advising the participants even while standing at a distance to avoid the crumbs that were splintering out of their friends’ works of art.

Art director Sabu Cyril’s talk on his creative journey in cinema was sandwiched between an Antakshari session and a workshop on drums.

It was also the day for doing little acts of kindness. Stalls such as iVolunteer and Hope Foundation saw a steady stream of visitors and many city students signed up for volunteering work.

The rock competition was so rightly timed that it warmed up the crowd before they got ready for the hi-wattage Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy show.

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