School follows innovative method to teach children

For effective learning:Pigeons reared in a private school in Thiruvarur.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: M. Srinath

Special Correspondent

TIRUVARUR: Bird rearing is no doubt an interesting hobby. But it can also be a way of teaching if one goes by the method adopted at Oyster Learning Initiative (OLI) Nursery and Primary school at Tiruvarur.

As one enters the school, he or she can see hundreds of pigeons flying around. Manila ducks moving here and there. Rabbits digging furrows. "Chirping of the birds is a continuous music our children hear. These birds and animals are kept only for teaching purpose" said K.G. Seelan, Manager and one of the trustees of the school. Nursery children are allowed to play and mingle with the birds and animals.

"This has become one of the fascinating teaching methods of our school. Many children are attracted towards it. We don't sell the birds. They are allowed to multiply and are kept for entertaining as well as for teaching children" Mr. Seelan said. Initially there were 28 pigeons. Now there are 126 in the school. The management bought two rabbits, now there are 25. "There are 12 pair of love birds and three pairs of Australian birds.

The school follows the principles of Glenn Doman, founder of Institutes for achievement of human potential, Philadelphia USA. The system of education adopted in the school helps to find out the talent unique to each child. Maps, flash cards and natural objects are used to teach the children. Moreover no examinations are conducted. The management-Veludayar Educational Trust is planning to establish a high school at Ammayappan village near Tiruvarur.