Scheme to ensure adequate social security to disabled

K. Raju

Tamil Nadu Welfare Board for the Disabled will implement it

DINDIGUL: The Government has drawn up a special social security scheme to provide solatium for accidental death, loss of limbs, support for pension, marriage, education of children of disabled and maternity assistance to disabled women having the national identity card.

The Tamil Nadu Welfare Board for the Disabled will implement it.

Under this scheme, the disabled who met with an accident are eligible for accident relief of Rs.1 lakh.

They will get Rs.1 lakh for irrecoverable loss of both hands, feet or eyes and Rs.50,000 for loss of one hand, feet or an eye.

A sum of Rs.25,000 will be given for other injuries. For natural death, their nominee will get Rs.15,000 relief. The disabled aged above 60 years are eligible for a monthly pension of Rs.300.

Besides, financial assistance of Rs.2000 will also be given to meet funeral expenses. Special educational assistance is offered to the wards of the disabled.

A total of Rs.1,000 will be given for daughters and sons studying in tenth and plus one classes, Rs.1,500 for plus two students, Rs.1,500 to undergraduate students, Rs.1,750 for undergraduate students staying in hostels, Rs.2,000 for postgraduate students and Rs.3,000 postgraduate students in hostels, Rs.2,000 for students in professional colleges, Rs.4,000 for professional students in hostels, Rs.4,000 to postgraduate professional students and Rs.6,000 to postgraduate professional students in hostels.

Collector R. Vasuki said the main aim was to ensure adequate social security to all the disabled. Special emphasis will be given to women. Marriage assistance of Rs.2,000 is given to beneficiaries twice.

Assistance even for delivery or miscarriage was also offered. Pregnant women would get Rs.6,000, (Rs.1,000 per month for six months) for delivery and Rs.3,000 for miscarriage.

This assistance had been restricted to 2,000 beneficiaries a year. The amount will be given on first-come-first-served basis, she added.

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