Say no to junk food

Say no to

junk food

This refers to the article on junk food (Dec. 19). I would like to bring to the notice of all that our school has prevented students from bringing to the school junk food in the name of snacks. This is a first step towards healthy lifestyles.

Other institutions too should emulate this example.

S. Swetha,

Std IX, MVM Sr. Secondary School,


Shelter for market

Mudunkanthurai Sunday market near Bhavanisagar sells vegetables and other eatables every Sunday to villages in and an around Bhavanisagar. But the place does not have a permanent shelter and lighting facilities. In rainy season it is difficult to sell and transport the materials. Authorities concerned should provide shelter, lighting and drinking water facilities in the Mudunkanthurai santhai.

Civil Service Training Institute,


Repair roads

Roads in and around Bhavanisagar are damaged.

All roads there should be blacktopped and bushes near the roads should be removed.

There is also the menace of street dogs and pigs.

Bushes in the area between the Government Hospital and Second Avenue should be removed since the Sri Lankan refugees use the place to attend to nature's calls.

G.N. Devaraj,


Job opportunities

This refers to the report `good response to career fair' (dec 19). If there is lack of awareness among job seekers about job opportunities, it only shows that they still depend on somebody for such information in spite of the fact that there are umpteen sources of information about job vacancies, the best among them being the omnipresent newspapers.

There is a flood of information for job seekers in `opportunities', The Hindu supplement published on Wednesdays.

P U Krishnan,


Bad road

At Kaikattivalasu busstop junction the road which goes to Rasampalayam road is severely damaged. The road is full of potholes and in a bad condition. This road connects many villages and the byepass to Sathy main road. There are more than 1,000 houses in Barathiar Nagar, Senthamizh Nagar, Muthumanicka Nagar, SSP Nagar, Rasampalayam, Velappangoundan Valasu and MGR Nagar. Two wheelers, tempos autos, lorries, school van, and school children on cycles use the road throughout the day. There are no proper street lights. Though many complaints have been lodged nothing has been done to redress the problem.

V.S. Ganesamurthy,


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