Samba yield very low

Special Correspondent

Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam uniformly affected

THANJAVUR: Samba harvest is going on in Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts. In Thanjavur district, the yield hovered between 2,500 and 3,000 kg, ie 2.5 to three tonnes per hectare instead of the normal yield of about five to six tonnes.

In Tiruvarur district, which was the worst hit during the November rains, the yield is only 900 kgs per hectare.

Agriculture department officials said that harvest has been completed on 37,000 hectares out of total coverage of 94,598 hectares in Thanjavur district. In Tiruvarur district, harvest has been completed on 30,000 hectares against 1,09,609 hectares of the cultivated area.

“But the yield is abysmally low, ie., 900 kgs per hectare on an average, as the rain has swallowed everything in the district,” said M. Chandrasekaran, Tiruvarur Collector.

With mechanisation catching up due to shortage of labour, harvesters are used at many places in the two districts. But with most of the harvesters going to Andhra Pradesh, the farmers here are forced to pay Rs. 1,800 to Rs. 2,000 as rent per hour for the harvester.

Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation has procured about 50,000 tonnes of samba paddy each in Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts from January 1 to January 28.

“In Tiruvarur district, we procured one lakh tonnes during January. But this year the procurement is only 50,000 tonnes,” said a TNCSC official.

Daily arrival is of the order of 5,000 tonnes each in the two districts. Three hundred and twenty six direct purchase centres are functioning in Tiruvarur district and 338 in Thanjavur district. Paddy with moisture content upto 20 per cent is procured. The price is Rs. 1,050 per quintal for fine variety and Rs. 1,000 per quintal for common variety.

According to S. Ranganathan, Chairman of Centre for Cauvery Delta Development Studies (CCDDS) , all the three districts _ Thanjavur, Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam _ were uniformly affected due to rain last year.


The TNCSC would open 21 DPCs in Karur districtfrom February 2.

They would be established at Nangavaram, Nachalur, Panikkampatti, Kulithalai (two places), Lalapet, Mayanur, Ayyarmalai, Pasupathypalayam Industrial Estate, Veerarakkiam, Panjamadevi, Vettamangalam, Aravakurichi, Pandalingapuram, C. Gudalur, Rajapuram, Periyamadiyagudalur, Mudiganam, Panjapatti, Thogamalai and Sengal.

Authorities would accept paddy with moisture content up to 17 per cent in those centres.

A quintal of super fine variety of paddy would fetch the farmer Rs. 1,050 including incentive while the fine varieties would be accepted for Rs. 1,000 per quintal including Rs. 150 as incentive.

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