Rs. 2.26-lakh subsidy for amla farmers

Staff Reporter

TIRUNELVELI: A total of 45 farmers here have received a subsidy worth Rs. 2.26 lakh for cultivating amla under the National Horticulture Mission (NHM).

The NHM has substantially increased the area under amla cultivation in the district in the past few years.

After the NHM was introduced in the district last year, several farmers, enticed by the alluring subsidy of Rs. 11,250 per hectare in the first year, started cultivating amla and mango.

For the cultivation of mango on one hectare, 100 grafted mango saplings and 200 packets of bio-manure are given and a sum of Rs. 3,175 is given for preparation of the land.

The district received the first instalment of Rs. 2.01 crore during the current fiscal for establishing new mango, amla and banana orchards, creation of new ponds and earthworm unit, micronutrient management in banana, natural farming and bee rearing.

The Department of Horticulture also launched intensive measures to create new mango and amla farms on 1,000 hectares after the district received another Rs. 1.12 crore.

As many as 425 farmers cultivated amla on 600 hectares during 2006 and another 227 farmers planted the crop on 400 hectares, for which the Government had sanctioned Rs. 11.82 lakh towards subsidy. As part of this, a sum of Rs. 2.26 lakh was disbursed during the farmers' grievance day meeting at the Collectorate on Friday.

The Assistant Director, Department of Horticulture, C. Isravel, the Joint Director, Department of Agriculture, Subramanian, Horticulture Officers S. Raja Mohamed of Radhapuram, S. Jayabharathi Malathi of Tenkasi, P. Usha Kumari of Sankarankovil and N. Govindarajan of Tirunelveli participated.