Roads that motorists dread

A bad stretch of road at Shakti Nagar in Karumandapam in Tiruchi.— Photo: M. Srinath

A bad stretch of road at Shakti Nagar in Karumandapam in Tiruchi.— Photo: M. Srinath  

Main roads in Sakthi Nagar and Ashok Nagar are badly damaged

With officials and elected representatives paying little attention on carrying out repair and maintenance works, the main roads in Sakthi Nagar and Ashok Nagar of Karumandapam in the city have suffered extensive damage.

Sakthi Nagar, a major residential colony, came into existence about 30 years ago. The Sakthi Nagar main road is being used as a link road for the Customs and Income Tax quarters. However, residents rue over the poor condition of the roads. The existing Sakthi Nagar main road, which was laid about 10 years ago, is riddled with potholes. Similarly, some of the inner roads are also in a bad shape and it is a nightmarish stretch for motorists. Residents say that the situation worsens during monsoon as the roads become slushy.

They point out that repair and maintenance of the roads have not been done for the past several years. They added that repeated demands with the concerned authorities and councillors have evoked little response.

“It is a nightmare to drive on some of the roads in Karumandapam. The poor roads give back and neck problem for motorists,” says G. Jayakumar, a resident in Karumandapam.

Stating that he had been a regular user of the Sakthi Nagar main road and other roads in Karumandapam, he said almost 10 years have been completed since the roads were laid. The main road had become non-motorable within two years of road relaying work.

Considering the extensive use of arterial roads, the residents said that the Corporation authorities should take immediate steps to relay the roads. Since it was monsoon period, at least temporary arrangements should be made to make the roads motorable.

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