Residents of Kodumudi stage demonstration

Irate residents of Kodumudi town panchayat took to the streets on Thursday to protest against the lack of basic amenities, sanitation and condemn official lethargy in implementing new development programmes.

A large number of people gathered in front of the town panchayat office and staged a demonstration.

They said that the panchayat administration was not able to utilise the funds provided by the State Government for the development of Kodumudi. People were forced to live under miserable conditions.

A majority of the residential colonies lacked drinking water supply provisions, street lights and roads. The sanitary conditions remain poor for long. Garbage remains uncollected for weeks together. Sewage overflows from almost all the drainage channels, people pointed out.

The panchayat administration had failed to carry out repairs and maintenance to the bus stand for years. The existing facilities in the bus stand could not be used as they got damaged long ago. The administration had not taken any efforts to create new passenger amenities in the bus stand.

Hundreds of devotees visit Kodumudi every day to take bath in Cauvery River and offer prayers.

The pay-and-use public convenience facilities located on the banks of the river were not maintained properly.

“A foul smell emanates from these public convenience facilities. Devotees are forced to use these facilities, risking their health. The town panchayat continues to pay little attention to these important issues,” people lamented.

“The elected representatives and officials in the town panchayat are not even ready to listen to our pleas. They continue to ignore our requests,” the residents alleged.

People urged the district administration and the State Government to initiate concrete steps to create basic amenities in the town panchayat immediately.

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