Refugees rescued in Kakinada reach Mandapam camp

Special Correspondent

They are being kept in a quarantine room

RAMANTHAPURAM: A group of Sri Lankan refugees, who were rescued by fishermen of Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh after an ordeal of 10 days last month, arrived at Mandapam on Tuesday.

Including three women and an infant, they were brought from Chennai by train and taken to the Mandapam refugees’ camp. ‘Q’ branch and other intelligence agencies conducted preliminary interrogation on their arrival.

They were being kept in a quarantine room in the camp.

Sources said they told the police that they started their sea journey from Mullathivu on April 20 towards the Rameswaram coast to escape the war on the island.

They lost their way and drifted towards the Kakinada coast.

They had no choice except drinking the sea water as food packets, water bottles and other items were exhausted after a few days.

Of the 20 persons, 10 died due to starvation and dehydration. Their bodies were thrown into the sea.

The group received medical treatment in Andhra Pradesh. Muruganandam (29) of Mannar in Sri Lanka has been sent to the special camp in Chengalpet for engaging in illegal activities.

He was said to be an important agent for transporting refugees and materials illegally to Sri Lanka.

He came to Rameswaram a few weeks ago after burying the boat engine on the Narikuzhi shore.

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