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Construction menace

Ramnagar is one of the oldest residential areas in Coimbatore with the oldest infrastructure. Its roads are narrow and the area has water scarcity. Of late Ramnagar has become the target area of apartment promoters, since there are still a few old houses where only senior citizens live unable to maintain the houses. The Corporation has also been according sanction for construction of multi-storeyed apartment buildings without taking into account the necessity for providing essential infrastructure. Most of the apartments do not have provision for car parking, resulting in cars and two wheelers parked on roads. Underground sewerage gets clogged very often resulting in overflow onto the roads leading to foul smell, breeding of mosquitoes and spread of diseases.

When the multi-storey buildings are constructed there is too much of dust and noise pollution. Construction work starts very early in the morning and goes on till late into the night. Work like bending iron rods and cutting them are done on roads hindering traffic. I request the Corporation authorities not to permit construction of multi-storey buildings in Ramnagar area.

Captain (Retd) K. Vasudevan,



The concluding para of the report `Demolition: traders search for ways out' (Jan 8 ) states: "A solution can be found only if the government views the situation from many angles with an open mind.'' This appears to be the best suggestion in the prevailing circumstances. Demolition of a huge structure constructed at an enormous cost, just for the reason that it is not in conformity with the approved plan, especially at a time when the present government and the local bodies are thinking of giving approval to the buildings put up even in unapproved layouts, is most painful not only to the investors but to the government too. It results in considerable financial loss to the owner, who will be crippled totally. Presumably, there is another aspect to this vexatious issue. No businessman will venture to invest huge money on commercial buildings and to deviate from the sanctioned plan unless there is some sort of `off the record' assurance of later regularisation given by someone in authority. Though this factor will not stand legal scrutiny, it can't be ignored too. If unauthorised structures do not pose danger to human lives or property, a way should be found out for condoning the irregularity, as has been proposed in the case of unauthorised layouts.

K.D. Viswanaathan,

Thadagam Road.

LPG refill

This refers to the report `Consumer body criticises conditions for LPG refill' (Jan 3) based on the memorandum to the Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas submitted by Mr Kathirmathiyon, Secretary, Coimbatore Consumer Cause. What is stated in the representation is 100 per cent true.

T.M. Sivasubramanyam,



Culverts constructed in the fifties at places like Trichy Road and Avinashi Road are dangerous bottlenecks. The road at Singanallur near Uzhavar Sandhai and the one near the Stock Exchange on Trichy Road pose a great threat to travellers. There is every danger of vehicles directly falling into the deep pits existing beside these bottlenecks during heavy flow of traffic.So is the case with roads near Nava India on Avinashi Road, Mettupalayam Road, Perur Road. City roads require widening as black topping has been done only to 70 per cent of the width with the result the entire traffic is restricted within the tarred portion. Also during the rainy season, the roads become slushy and water stagnates on either side of the road.

When the roads become narrow owing to presence of culverts, telegraph posts, electrical posts etc.

drivers (particularly those who are not conversant with these roads) can't control speed at these locations resulting in traffic bottlenecks and accidents.

Coimbatore which is on the threshold of an IT boom needs all infrastrucutral facilities.

C.M. Jayaraam,

Secretary, Citizens Voice Club,

Coimbatore Consumer Centre

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