Rare honour for former V-C

S. Ignacimuthu Photo: K. Gajendran  

K. Ramachandran

Ignacimuthu admitted to Fellowship of Royal Entomological Society

CHENNAI: Dr. S. Ignacimuthu, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Madras, has been accorded a rare honour Fellowship of the Royal Entomological Society of London.

Dr. Ignacimuthu received the notification from the Society recently admitting him to the Fellowship, which is open to entomologists "who have made a significant contribution to the science, through publications or other evidence of achievement. Fellows are entitled to make use of the title Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society (FRES)... " A visibly pleased Dr. Ignacimuthu told The Hindu that it was recognition of his work in the area of applied entomology, especially in identifying rare insect species.

The former Vice-Chancellor last year received another honour a new, remarkable species of thripidae found in Bangalore was named after him. The species of thripidae (part of the thrips family of insects) was found living on the leaves of Jak, a common native fruit tree in south India.

J.S. Bhatti of the University of Delhi and H.R. Ranganath, Division of Entomology in the Indian Institute of Horticultural research, Bangalore, had named the species Jakthrips ignacimuthui.

Dr. Ignacimuthu said the new honour now from the RES was an occasion for him and other entomologists to reiterate their demand for more funding to map the entire insect species native to India.

He is now working on introducing a benign species of insects that can stop the growth of bugs that eat away or render waste stored food products in godowns.