Prawn feed plant at Perunthottam inaugurated

Commendable: Collector M. Jayaraman, second from right, distributes the feed to a prawn farm owner.

Commendable: Collector M. Jayaraman, second from right, distributes the feed to a prawn farm owner.  

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It will reduce expenditure of prawn farm owners while providing employment in the district: Collector

NAGAPATTINAM: Nearly 1,283 prawn farms are registered in Nagappattinam district and almost all of them depend on imported feed.

The opening of Bismi Feeds will reduce the costs of prawn farm owners while also providing employment in the district, Collector M. Jayaraman said here on Saturday.

Speaking at the inauguration of the plant at Perunthottam village in Sirkazhi taluk, the Collector said that the company should follow up on the Rs. 2-crore investment on the plant with investment in research to ensure quality control and protect the environment.

“Boost entrepreneurial spirits”

He said that similar farms needed to be established to make prawns affordable in the domestic market. This would also boost the entrepreneurial spirit in the district, he added.

S.A. Ali, Principal Scientist, Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA), said that CIBA had tested the prawn feed and found that it reduced water pollution while increasing the rate of prawn growth.

Bismi Feeds, established in 2006, uses technology from CIBA under a private-public partnership (PPP) programme.

S. Ali Hussain, managing director, Bismi Feeds, said that 85 per cent of prawn feed was being supplied by a single multinational company, while the rest was supplied by an Indian company using foreign technology.

The company has a production capacity of 3,000 tonnes per year, while the total requirement for the state was 12,000-16,000 tonnes a year.

S. Ayyappan, deputy director-general, Indian Council for Agricultural Research (ICAR), presented the first packet of the feed to the Collector, who accepted it on behalf of the farm owners. He later distributed packets of the feed to the farm owners.

CIBA director A.G. Ponniah, K. Ambashankar, and Assistant Director, Fisheries, P. Umakanthan, participated.

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