Plan your wedding finances well

The wedding is not an end in itself; it’s the beginning. So plan and limit your expenses for the event and save for the life that’s to follow.

Limit your expenses:

Marriages may be made in heaven, but the riches that are spent are funded only from earth! Indian weddings have become high-budget affairs calling for considerable planning by the groom and the bride. With inflation topping 7 per cent, the cost of a normal two-day wedding may equal a year’s pay for the youngsters who have just embarked on their career and can’t fall back on savings. So, for all of you, here is a plan for the gala day:

The average cost of a standard Indian wedding may range anywhere between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 6 lakh. So, start by penning down the liquid funds that you have on hand.

This could probably include your investment in mutual funds, stocks and the balance in your savings account. Rank them on the basis of returns they generate, liquidate those that deliver the least returns. Borrowing is not advised as that might increase your financial burden, post-wedding, and prevent you from immediately taking up your other more crucial financial goals, in future. In marriage, “fall in love not in debt”.

The Cost

Write down roughly the number of people you expect will turn up. This is the basis for all further assumptions you would make regarding your wedding expenses. So keep the figure at realistic levels. If you are particular about the location and the food you want to serve, then you may have to start hunting for the hall and the caterer at least six months prior to your proposed wedding date.

When it comes to these bookings, time really is money! You may end up paying a premium if you leave it to the last minute! Very broadly, the following could be the different heads of expenditure for a wedding:

Wedding hall rent; invitation card printing; catering service; photographers; orchestra; decorators; guest accommodation; trousseau, jewellery. If you hire an event manager who would take charge of the above, relieving you of the tension, then be prepared for his bill too.

How to Save and on What?

Limit the guest list: Longer the guest list, the higher would be the cost. Additional invitations, additional plates for the caterer, additional rooms for accommodation, will all balloon into a one big sum. Confine your guest list to the most loved and dear ones. You could always throw a small party for the office colleagues and friends at your home after the marriage.

Invitation: Usual wedding cards are priced anywhere between Rs 15 and Rs 50 a piece. One money saving move could be to e-mail your invite. Friends don’t look for formal invitations; so scan a card and mail it across to them. Also, choose a card that is simple in looks. Even a plain card could be made to look elegant through the choice of words.

Save on cuisine: How many of us taste each and every dish served in the feast at weddings? And those of us who do so, do pop antacids on coming back home! So, serve a limited variety of good quality food and don’t go for an expansive 12-course menu. Give the choice of chef more importance than the choice of spread. Making it a buffet could also save a lot of money.

Wedding wear: Most Indians spend heavily on the wedding trousseau. But the attire need not be very dazzling, to fit the occasion. Simple saris and kurtas would do. Remember that your heavy designer wear cannot be worn on any other occasion after your wedding.

Finally, the wedding is not an end in itself…it’s the beginning. Beginning of a life, where you may have several new commitments to keep. Plan! Save! For the life that’s to follow after the big day.

Last week, one was invited to a wedding where the ceremonies began on Tuesday and continued till Sunday. There were functions every day, including a sangeet at a five-star hotel, and each one involved a meal for at least 150 people. "It’s a full-fledged project," the father of the bride said. . "High-profile families in India and the jet-setting NRIs depend extensively on Bollywood vendors for everything from lehengas to mehendi designs, mandap decoration to make-up artistes

Weddings, in fact, encompass entire industries and, if you can afford it, you can have specialists for everything. In Mumbai, health and fitness clubs, grooming schools, psychological and sexual counselling services all get a slice of the pie, and fringe services have suddenly taken centre stage, thanks to the high-profile professionals and their celebrity clients.

What’s interesting though is that despite all these organised players getting into the `wedding management’ business, the coordination and planning still continue to be a family-managed affair. In Indian families, clearly some traditions never change.

Blue Star

Bluestar a leader in centralized air conditioning with 66 years of sales and service network, having its presence in 29 states, covering 750 dealers covering the length and breadth of the country. Its products are manufactured from state of art factory at 5 different locations in India.

Windows A/C, Split A/C are being manufactured at its recently opened factory in Himachal Pradesh which has the capacity to produce 2.5 lac units per annum to cater to the needs of residential, commercial institutions etc,. Blue Star has set up PDA at all major locations primarily covering Tier II cities like Trichy, Madurai, Vijayawada,Cochin etc,.

Walk in to Swastika Aircons at Thillai Nagar here in Trichy to see and buy wide range of products offered by Blue Star which includes Window, Split, Verticool, Cassette, Mega Split, Flexible duct air conditioners etc,.

Shri Sangeetas (A/c & Garden Veg. Restaurant) / Sindhoor Hall

In spite of all modern developments and unbelievable innovations most of us always feel the need to get qualitative and nutritious food for ourselves and others especially when we arrange certain functions.

Though there are umpteen restaurants everywhere, very few are able to maintain the customers happy as good as the Sindhoor Hall at Shri Sangeetha’s Restaurant. Situated in the heart of Trichirappalli this hospitality outlet caters to the needs of people from all walks of life.

Proximity to central bus stand, this marriage hall is sufficient enough for nearly five hundred people to be present at the same time. The ambience as well as the other amenities available here are of great quality which one would normally not able to get even in cosmopolitan cities for the rate charged by the hotel. The hall is offered virtually free of cost, only the amount for current-consumption are charged.

Besides, this marriage hall has been considered lucky and a harbinger of fortune by many who have already utilised its services.

With greatest sincerity, devotion and dedication the management renders its services and extends its cooperation in all possible manners to its customers. So next time when u think of arranging any function just step in here and make the function memorable for years to come.


C.S. Promoters is a registered construction firm based in Trichy, headed by two dynamic determined and committed engineers D. Britto sebasti raj & C.Saravanan. Their humble beginning 14 years ago has now transformed into substantial growth through a clear vision, hard work and commitment to quality.

At C.S. Promoters, they follow the best building and construction practices as a result of which it has built up a strong reputation for them when it comes to quality, design and adherence to construction schedules. Each of their offerings is a harmonious convergence of quality, values and aesthetics even as it conforms to the highest standards of quality that they commit to themselves.

For over decade, the pursuit at C.S.Promoters has been to shape up those countless aspirations and dreams of living excellence. They are more proud of the long lasting relationship they enjoy with over 300 happy families.This strong clientele relationship has strengthened the foundation of the company to become one of the leading residential developers in the city of Trichy.Their ultimate aim is customer’s happiness and satisfaction.

Mangal And Mangal

It’s the time of Marriage season again where countless people busily moving up and down the stairs of Mangal & Mangal showroom reflects a great deal of business grows on the person who leads the show Mr. Mookapillai the business partner and one of the leading legend in Vessels, Furniture, Home appliances, Gift articles, Gold, Silver, Diamond and Platinum business. Its one stop shop where customers can buy almost everything right from utensils, branded house hold materials, furniture, electronic products like T.V., fridge, washing machine & mobiles etc.

It has a service centre for mixie, cookers which command their customer loyalty.

It is the strong belief of their customers when they buy from Mangal & Mangal it also brings auspiciousness. Customers are the happy lot when they exchange their gold jewellery and get their money’s worth. The hall mark of this jewellery shop is that they get variety of models from neighboring states such as Kerala, Rajcot, Mumbai and Rajasthan.

Manghalam Prmotors - Home Makers With A Vision

Finding a house of our taste and choice continues to elude most of us not because of our unreasonable or unrealizable dreams but because of the lack of builders with a vision of their own, who know pretty well what would be the expectation of a prospective buyer.

But Manghalam Promotors, Royar Thope, Srirangam is an easily conspicuous exception. Started in 1984 by N.Venkatramani, a retired employee of P&T department. The first project was carried out on Railway Station Road, Srirangam. This project still speaks volumes about the great quality of construction that went into the making of it.

Transparency remains their chief virtue and quality their constant watchword. It gets easily exemplified when one looks at the brochure of their project. Here one could easily find the description of materials that are to be used in construction along with their brand names in clear terms, thereby dispelling the doubts of the buyers.

Interestingly, Manghalam Promotors was the first one to introduce apartments in Trichy suburbs fifteen years ago. With no compromise whatsoever with the quality of materials used and the persons employed as workers to carry out the construction work, the houses and apartments built by this great builder bear a faithful testimony to their inherent value and strength.

Mr.T. V. Murali, who took over the charge of running this organization in 1997 from his father, still follows the time-honoured and invaluable principles of truthfulness, sincerity, cost effectiveness, dedication and transparency in all his projects. Moreover, by building houses for people from varied economic background, this organization proves once again its trustworthiness as one of the most reliable builder of Trichy. It is no wonder then that its customers view their homes as heaven on earth.

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