Performance-based navigation system introduced at airport


It provide a basis for design and implementation of automated flight paths

CHENNAI: The Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) system will be introduced at the Chennai airport around August.

It is a framework for defining navigation performance requirements that can be applied to air traffic route, instrument procedure or defined air space. It includes both Area Navigation and Required Navigation Performance specifications.

The new system will provide a basis for design and implementation of automated flight paths as well as for airspace design and obstacle clearance. Once the required performance level is established, the aircraft’s own capability will determine whether it can safely achieve the specified performance and quality for operation.

An Airports Authority of India official said nearly 125 staff members at the Air Traffic Control Tower had been provided training on this new system. The training included awareness programme, implementation and examinations, he said.

Talking about the various advantages, another officer said there would be a reduction in delay in landing and takeoff. Sequencing would be easier. Using the technology, even the touchdown time of an aircraft could be specified and the same informed to the pilot, who could then inform passengers about the touchdown time.

The new system will also help in increasing the optimum use of airspace. Similarly, arrivals and departures can be totally synchronised. Above all, it will reduce workload for both operators at the ATC tower as well pilots.

Another official said introducing the PBN system with the new radar would be ideal.

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