Patients’ status now on display

Move to keep people informed

MADURAI: To prevent spread of wrong information about the status of patients undergoing surgery in Main Operation Theatre at Government Rajaji Hospital, the hospital administration has installed a board displaying details about patient inside the theatre.

According to A. Raja Manoharan, Professor and Head, Department of Anaesthesiology, who mooted this idea, displaying information helped anxious family members to know about the actual status of the patient undergoing a surgical procedure.

“We struck upon this idea when we heard about unnecessary problems owing to incorrect information being spread among family members while surgeries are going on. Besides, there are also chances of them getting fleeced. Hence, we thought an information board will be of great help to them,” Dr. Manoharan said.

The Main Operation Theatre comprises three theatres with each having four tables used by the departments of General Surgery, Urology, Surgical Oncology and Gastroenterology.

The move also coincided with the inauguration of the theatre after renovation. The board displays the patient’s name, his or her status along with the names of those undergoing major surgery on top of the list.

Updated twice daily

“The information on the board updated by the recovery room staff, who regulate patients coming in and out of the theatre. The status of each case will be updated twice,” said Dr. Raja Manoharan, who is in charge of the operation theatres in the hospital.

With the new system of information delivery proving successful, the hospital authorities have planned to extend the facility to other theatres also.

“Our next immediate target will be to install the board at the operation theatre in paediatric ward, where it will be more useful for parents waiting to know about the status of their children undergoing surgery,” Dr. Manoharan said.