Paddy farmers now deal with rodent menace

Farmers of Sirkali block in the district have been taking all efforts to check the rodent menace in their paddy fields. Despite poor availability of water for irrigation, the paddy crop has registered some growth thanks to intermittent showers in the area and the pumpset irrigation facility available in some pockets, including Kedarankondan, Semangalam, Achalpuram, Agani, Erukkur, Kanniyakudi, Kondathur, Melaiyur, Puliyanthurai, Punganur and Keelasattanathapuram.

Pinning their hopes on the availability of water in the borewell, farmers have raised ADT 46 crop in most of the areas. M. Mahendran of Alaveli said that he had raised this variety on six acres. The crop which was planted about two months ago, was registering some growth but rat menace is proving to be a major problem. “I have to incur an additional expenditure of Rs. 400 towards trapping the rats using a labourer,” he said.

On an average, six rats are caught daily in the conventional wooden trap, said Annadurai, an agricultural labourer, who catches these rats.

Scientific plan to check menace

According to N. Sekar, Joint Director of Agriculture, 1.20 lakh hectares have been brought under ‘samba’ and ‘thaladi’ cultivation this season in the district. Majority of farmers have raised ‘BPT 5204’, ‘CR-1009’ and ‘ADT 39’.

Pointing out that the rat menace had been reported in a few pockets, he said that the Department has evolved a special plan to check the menace. A scientific approach would be adopted for effecting efficient system to eradicate these rats.

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