Nod for underground drainage scheme phase-I

Special Correspondent

The project is estimated to cost Rs. 29 crore

Rs.13.65 crore sanctioned for first component, Rs. 15.35 crore for second

Municipal council to seek administrative sanction to meet additional cost

VELLORE: The State government accorded technical sanction on May 27 for implementing the first phase of the underground drainage scheme for Vellore Municipality as per the revised estimates at the cost of Rs.29 crore.

The proceedings of the Superintending Engineer in the office of the Commissioner of Municipal Administration in this regard were placed at the emergency meeting of the municipal council held under the presidentship of P. Karthikeyan, municipal chairman, here on Monday.

The estimates have been prepared on the basis of the schedule of rates of the Public Works Department and the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board for 2008-2009. The first phase of the project has two components. A sum of Rs.13.65 crore has been sanctioned for the first component and Rs.15.35 crore for the second.

The project has been designed to handle a capacity of 10.28 million litres per day (MLD) of sewage during the interim period (between the 2001 census and 2011 census).

The technical consultation committee, constituted by the Directorate of Municipal Administration for assessing the scheme, has selected the Activated Sludge Process for treating sewage. Estimates have been prepared for Rs. five crore for the treatment of sewage using the Activated Sludge Process. The committee has suggested the execution of the work of erecting the treatment plant either on the ‘Design, Build, Operate and Transfer’ (DBOT) basis or ‘Design, Build, Own, Operate and Transfer’ (DBOOT) basis. Under the DBOT basis, the plant will be designed, built and operated for about six months for the purpose of trial run and study of the working of the plant. After the trial run, the contractor should maintain the plant for five years. The payment will be made to the contractor as per the municipal rules. Under the DBOOT basis, the contractor should design and build the plant at his own cost, operate it for a period determined by the municipality and later hand over the plant to the municipality. The payment will be made to the contractor depending on the quantity of sewage handled by him.

The municipal council decided to seek administrative sanction from the government to meet the additional cost of Rs. five crore, necessitated by the need to install the treatment plant. It also decided to entrust to the tender award committee of the Directorate of Municipal Administration the task of selecting a method (DBOT or DBOOT) that was suitable to the Vellore Municipality.