No traffic signal

There is a T junction on the Tiruchi-Chennai Main Road connecting Kumbakonam Road to Grand Anicut on the north bank of river Cauvery in Tiruvanaikoil area. There is another road branching from Tiruchi-Chennai Main Road leading to Sivaram Nagar and CKV Iyengar flats. There is heavy traffic during peak hours, causing accidents. There should be a traffic signal. Also there is a very old tamarind tree on the main road blocking visibility and its removal would solve half of the problem.

T. Periaswamy,


Restore bus service

Since there only one government bus (9C) is operated in Chatram Bus Stand – Woraiyur – Collector Office – Central Bus Stand route, it is very difficult for students to travel to their educational institutions. I request the transport corporation authorities to consider re-introduction of bus routes no.127 and no. 9 which were withdrawn a couple of years ago.

M. Sundara Kumar,

Ramalinga Nagar.

First things first

Tiruchi Police Commissioner has instructed stern action against those riding motorcycles without wearing helmet and driving cars without fastening seat belts. These two things affect the individual or their family only. When the riders themselves are not bothered about their head, why should we break our heads? Violations like not obeying one-way traffic,using mobile phones while on the move (including pedestrians) and drunken driving endangers lives should be punished immediately.



User un-friendly

I had to go to the EB billing section behind the Tiruchi court at Bheemanagar for my friend. The approach road is slushy and I could see many vehicles stuck on the road. Once on the EB premises, I had to wade through knee-deep water to reach the billing section. The conditions have to be improved.

Dr. V. Ramaprasad,

Dindigul Road.

Artificial lakes

New flyovers are coming up in Tiruchi and it is seen that they are mobilising a lot of mud from the city outskirts. The mud is being dug up haphazardly everywhere and this would be a good opportunity to convert them into artificial lakes where they can store rain water. Systematic digging will go a long way in achieving the objective. R. Jayashree,

Dindigul Road.

Traffic jam

Buses plying to and from southern districts enter and exit the Central Bus Stand via Sangeetha Hotel. This causes heavy traffic jam in front of the hotel. Moreover, town buses add up to the queue. To avoid this, let buses plying to southern districts, viz., Madurai, Dindigul exit CBS via Sea Horse Hospital, Vestry School, KAP Medical College and Milaguparai to catch up Dindigul and Madurai Roads. This will ease traffic snarls.

P. Ramesh Balajee,

T. V. Koil.

Low platform

The height of the first platform at Tiruchi Town Railway Station is not comfortable to all passengers. They suffer a lot while boarding trains. Its height must be increased.


Rock Fort Agraharam.

Rice smuggling

Smuggling of ration rice has become a regular event. It is not known as to how such cases are vigilantly followed and if smuggler is awarded deterrent punishment. In such cases, stringent action should be taken against the culprits. Public expects followup action by Tamil Nadu Government to avoid recurrence.


Ayyappa Nagar

Mark parking lots

Thillainagar Main Road and Sastri Road can take a bulk of vehicles parked in side roads, but due to poor traffic management, a parking lot is missing. Even very busy roads in Chennai like Usman Road have parking bays on the side of the roads.. One has to see to understand the plight of vehicle users in the morning and after noon school hours near the Thennur Overbridge. The narrow and poorly laid side roads along the bridge do not serve any useful purpose to dilute the traffic while the bulk of the load is borne by the Sivaprakasam Salai through which even buses ply, thanks to poor traffic management. To add insult to injury, is the parking of traffic police vehicles right in the middle of road for long hours. As there is no sign board in Sastri Road near the bridge, unfortunate and unwary vehicle owners who park their cars are fined. What is the need of the hour is clear earmarking of parking lots.

V. Raghuraman,


Chaos on road

Palakkarai Road, particularly in Warehouse area near SBI and the beginning of the underway bridge of Melapudur is overcrowded from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. It is a horrible task to walk on that road.. Crossing the road is dangerous. All kinds of vehicles are moving at a snail’s pace. Sometimes, the vehicles are held up for ten minutes due to chaotic traffic. The road should be widened by clearing the encroachments and a 2 feet median should be constructed. More cops should be posted to regulate traffic. Will the authorities take action?



Small change? No!

I have an account with a public sector bank and my son is having in another bank. Whenever, we ask for small denomination of currency, the bankers say: “No supply”. If the bank does not oblige, where do we go? I hope the GM will do needful.

S. S. Azizulaa,


Traffic clocks

The introduction of timer clocks at important traffic signals by the traffic police is a boon to motorists. But unfortunately, at many of the signals, it is noticed that the policemen ignore these signals and show hand signals. At some signals like Main Guard Gate, the clocks are very small and it becomes difficult for middle-aged motorists to read the numbers. I request the police to look into these aspects.

David Peniel,


Stick to transport norms

The Vedaranyam incident has prompted the Transport Department to apprise the representatives of schools on the necessity to adhere to safety norms. Such a meeting should also be convened with the van drivers and auto rickshaw drivers. In the peak hours, one can see dashing auto rickshaws, with overload, passing on the streets and main roads. Children, without knowing the risk, travel in the vehicles. Transport authorities have to conduct frequent drives against such vehicles and initiate strong action. Without being strict on this issue, the menace cannot be checked.

Parents too have certain amount of responsibilities. They should try to send their children to the nearby schools at least upto elementary school level. From high school level, the children should be trained to use public transport system. If they are sending the children by van or auto rickshaws, they should occasionally monitor as to how their children are carried to school.

P.K. Raman,

Ayyappa Nagar

Ban student motorists

Many school students drive bikes and scooters, throwing traffic rules to the wind. Racing through the city roads breaking traffic rules is the height of fashion. The authorities should strictly ban students from bringing vehicles to schools. Teenage drivers are not only a threat to themselves but also imperil others’ lives. Encouraging children to cycle safely will improve their own environment and personal sense of well-being.

K. Suresh Babu,


Mounting garbage

Srirangam zone of Tiruchi corporation deserves all praise for their attempts to make it a clean place by removing all the garbage on daily basis.

However, with respect to other areas and from the newly added colonies around Srirangam the divisional office is clearing the garbage once in two weeks or three weeks. The delayed collection makes the life of the residents in those areas miserable. All our requests to increase the frequency of collection are not successful as they claim shortage of staff and non-availability of the garbage van.

When the Government spends crores for the welfare of the people I am sure that they will definitely take favourable action if a proper demand is made.

A.S. Krishnan,


Lacking civic sense

Tiruchi railway division is leaving no stone unturned to keep the Tiruchi Junction premises spick and span. After a facelift, the junction has an aesthetic look. But allout efforts of the railway administration are being aborted by the public who are lacking civic sense. Without public co-operation, a place which is pulsating with public activities cannot be kept in a tidy condition. As this junction is a nerve centre of public activities thousands of people throng this station. Whenever trains reach the junction and depart, the tracks are left stinking. As a result, the the workers engaged in cleaning the station are having a tough time. Let the public realise that those who are engaged in cleaning stations are also human beings.

The need of the hour is the public should not use the toilets when the trains are in the station.

H.Ghouse Baig,

Crawford Colony.

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