No garbage bin

I would like to make an appeal to Thanjavur municipal authorities to maintain all the areas clean.

Places around the new housing unit especially MIG blocks are completely being neglected for several years by not providing any garbage collecting containers and the worst case is no sweepers have been appointed so far. I request the authorities to take necessary steps in this regard.

R. Ganesh,


Switch off streetlights

In order to balance the deficit of the electricity a regular power shutdown of two hours daily is in practice. But, streetlights in most areas in Thanjavur town burn throughout the day.

Then how to compensate the shortage of the electricity, which is a criminal waste? And similarly leakage of water in many streets of Thanjavur is found which is going waste all 24 hours and not cared by the Municipality.

R.D. Sathiya,


Problem in supply of ration items

The residents of Manickam Nagar (near LIC Colony), Thanjavur, are served by the ration shop at Eswari Nagar which is located 2 km away from the area.

For verification purpose the government distributed a form, which did not properly reach the public. But when we approached to buy commodities, the staff at the shop refused to give the monthly items allotted for the card.

Civil supplies officials also denied giving the prescribed form to solve the issue. We request the consumer council to resolve the problem to get our rights.

J. Rajesh Khanna,


Lay proper road to railway station

The Kumbakonam Railway station has been given a facelift. Lakhs of rupees has been spent for a beautiful look inside and near the ticket counter. But the pity is that the station sports an ugly look outside without a proper concrete road up to the main road. Cars, two wheelers and cycles are facing a lot of hurdles to reach the station. The work in the outer part of the station should be completed at once to get an elegant look like Tiruchi Junction.

A. Mohamed Irfan,


Ban TV, radio in vehicles

As the use of mobile phones is banned, the use of TV and radio in moving vehicles, should also be banned. The sound of musical entertainments will distract the drivers’ attention from driving the vehicle safely.

Kavi Akbardeen


Deficient money order forms

The Postal department has replaced the old Money Order forms with new ones. The new form is deficient in two respects. First, there is no provision for the remitter to pass on a short message to the payee, especially to indicate the purpose for which the money is sent . Secondly, the provision for receipt of acknowledgement from the payee along with his/her signature in token of having received the money , is not there . Any change in the existing system would be welcome, provided additional or better facilities are ensured . Unfortunately the new system has taken away the existing facilities as mentioned above. Will the authorities do the needful to restore status quo?



Conduct surprise check of licence

Not even a day passes without road accidents in our State, many fatal, resulting in loss of precious life. Nowadays it is common to see three persons going in a in motor cycles at high speed unmindful of traffic rules and regulations. Added to this, they drive the motorcycle in one hand holding the cell phone in the other. In many cases, most of the four-wheeler and two wheeler drivers do not hold any driving licence at all. Many schoolchildren, hardly 10 or 12 years old are driving two wheelers on crowded roads.

To put an end to this it is suggested that regional transport authorities and police must conduct surprise check of driving licence and also book the offenders.



Mosquito menace

The mosquito menace in Tiruvarur town is horrible. Only two or three days in a month in a street the mosquito liquid is being applied. Unless it is applied daily the municipal authorities the menace could not be controlled.



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