No date on milk sachet

Aavin milk is supplied in Thanjavur town without stamping the date of packing on the sachet. But it has been printed on the sachet that we should consume the milk within a day of distribution. Since the date of packing is not known, the milk may not be safe to drink. Also, most of the time an odour emanates from boiled milk, rendering it unsafe, particularly for small children. Will the authorities take suitable action to stamp the date?

R. Rama Krithika


Garbage at post office

Tiruvarur Head Post Office is situated in the Main Bazaar and one can see a feet-deep ditch at its entrance. All garbage is being dumped in the ditch, resulting in stink. Post office customers have to cross the ditch to enter the post office. I request municipal authorities to close the ditch immediately and enable free movement of the public.

V. Dharmadoss,


Bad road

Tiruchi-Thanjavur National Highway is a very important sector with heavy passengers and goods traffic catering to the needs of many industrial units including BHEL and prominent educational institutions like NIT-T, SASTRA and Thanjavur Medical College. Besides, this road leads to a predominant pilgrim centre like Thanjavur Big Temple, Velankanni Shrine and Nagore Dargah. There are lots of potholes on the road in many stretches, causing much difficulty in driving and posing potential hazards, particularly during night. I appeal to the authorities to take urgent action to fill these potholes temporarily to spare the travelling public.

V.K. Gopalan,


Day train needed

Except for Mayiladuturai-Mysore Express, there is no train from Delta districts to Salem, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri etc. Even the Mysore Express is an overnight train. The Railways will do well if it introduces a day train from Mayiladuturai to Hosur or to Bangalore which will immensely benefit senior citizens, women and the sick.

Mohamed Ali,


Buses unclean

Some State Transport Corporation buses plying in the Thanjavur–Tiruchi section are not being cleaned. I request the authorities to take steps to clean the buses after every trip.

Kaliamurthy Kumar,


Subsidies issue

The need to address the problem of mounting subsidies on food, shelter and petroleum had been stressed by Prime Minister as the amount involved on these three items was over Rs.1,00,000 crore . After the Indo-US nuclear deal, which has been resisted by the Communist parties, this request for reduction of subsidy “only to the needy and deserving people”, may be strictly opposed by all chief ministers as they are surviving only because of the subsidies they are promising and offering. But, the states may be required to ask the beneficiaries to invest either Rs.10 per month in postal recurring deposit accounts and/or savings bank accounts in the banks without any minimum deposits so that identification of the needy and deserving beneficiaries could be ensured by the bankers and the states could divert 75 per cent of small savings targets every year for their annual budgets. Will the Government of India do the needful?

R.S. Moorthy,


Arson shocking

It is shocking that a few buses and shops were set ablaze by ruling partymen at Koradachery and other parts of Tiruvarur district following the murder of Tiruvarur district DMK secretary. The police should have acted immediately and prevented such incidents. The police should bring all those involved in these incidents to book without any delay.



Tighten laws

A law has been introduced by State Government banning cell phones inside school and colleges.

It is to be seen how far this is going to be implemented since the previous law making helmet wearing compulsory has been given a go-by.

When a law is enacted, strict enforcement is a must.

K. Santhanam,


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