New kitchen to be constructed inside Central Prison premises

R. Rajaram

State Government has sanctioned Rs. 45 lakh

To have exhaust fans, additional burners, a separate place for drying cooked rice

Detailed estimates to be prepared by the PWD and forwarded to the Prisons Department

TIRUCHI: A modern kitchen will be constructed inside the sprawling Central Prison premises here with the State government sanctioning funds for this purpose.

A new building will be constructed demolishing the existing one which will be more spacious to accommodate additional gas burners and other facilities.

The State government has sanctioned Rs. 45 lakh for the construction of a modern kitchen which will have exhaust fans, additional burners and a separate place for drying cooked rice.

Fire safety equipment

The new kitchen will also have steam boilers and a water tub with a capacity to hold 2,500 litres of water for washing utensils and to be equipped with fire safety equipments.

The detailed estimates for the construction of the modern kitchen would be prepared by the Public Works Department and forwarded to the Prisons Department in Chennai through the Superintendent of Prisons of the Central Prison, the jail authorities here told ‘The Hindu.’

To feed 2000 inmates

Prison officials say food is prepared thrice a day to feed the around 2,000 inmates lodged in the jail with a vast majority of them being remand prisoners.

There are over 700 convicts in the Tiruchi Prison alone.

The jail has two full-time cooks with a set of around 45 convicts earmarked exclusively for kitchen duty assisting in cutting vegetables, cleaning utensils and other associated works.

Fixed schedule

The preparation of food begins in the wee hours at around 2 a.m. every day, says a senior prison official adding that they maintain a fixed time schedule for serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for the inmates.

The Central Prison authorities buy essential commodities such as rice, sugar, wheat, rava and maida from the State-owned Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation; milk from Aavin and vegetables from outside.

Drinking water is supplied through the Corporation while water from the wells inside the jail was being used for bathing and washing clothes, say the prison authorities.

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