NREGS: A success story

ESA ERI is situated in Veppangkuppam Panchayat of Madanur Block, Vellore District. For the last 15 years the Tank was not desilted and lot of Bushes and waste and was not used. More than 400 acres of wet and Waste Land were affected. The water level went down due to the Bushes and waste. More than 350 families consists of 1500 population were badly affected due to water scarcity. The total area of the M.l. Tank was in and around 100 acres.

The channel for which water flow was also silted and the channel were fully silted from Melarasampattu River. The channel starts from melarasampattu river running around 4.50km and reaching Veppangkuppam ESA ERI.

In this stage NREGA scheme was implemented in the year 2008-09 in Vellore District.

The channel connecting to ESA ERI was sanctioned for desilting by Vellore District Collector on 28.02.2009 at Estimate of Rs.5.00 lakhs under NREG Scheme. The desilting work was started on 15.05.2009 and completed on 23.07.2009.

Around 370 persons from 230 families of AD Colony, Vinayagapuram, Veppangkuppam and Rangappan Kottai has worked under the scheme for and around 60 days. 7156 mandays was used for desilting work. The work was completed at a cost of Rs.4.98 lakhs.

In continuation to the above the Esa Tank was sanctioned by Vellore District Collector on 06.08.2009 and the work was started on 07.08.2009 and completed on 26.11.2009. To complete the work 5134 mandays around 84 days have been utilized at cost of Rs.3.75Iakhs.

Due to past monsoon rain, the rain water has flowed fully through the channel and has reached the Esa tank and tank WHICH was fully filled after 10 years. Due to water availability, finger lings for a cost of Rs.23000 / - has been left in the tank under AGAMT scheme. Now around 400 acres of land stands benefited and the water level has been raised along with drinking water level.

Due to NREG Scheme the village of Veppangkuppam has, benefited due to raise of water level and also for obtaining wages for people below poverty line.

Along this, the people of adjoining village such as Guruvaraja Palayam, Maratipalayam are also happy due to the raise in water level.


District Collector, Vellore

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