Mosquito nets for riverbed hut-dwellers

As many as 1000 hut-dwellers on river beds in Thandarampattu block will get pesticide-impregnated mosquito nets under Integrated Mosquito Control Programme.

Thandarampattu block has been chosen in this district to implement this pilot programme. Apart from providing the impregnated mosquito nets and covering sewage vent pipes with another kind of nets, regular mosquito control measures like anti-larval source reduction works including pesticide spraying, container destroying; fogging etc. would be done simultaneously in the villages. The programme was inaugurated in Pudur Chekkadi village on Tuesday with distribution of impregnated nets. M. Panneerselvam, Thandarampattu Panchayat Union Chairman; Dr. Devaparthasarathi, Deputy Director (Health) in charge of Tiruvannamalai Health Unit District, Dr. Murthi, District Entomologist were among the participants. “Since the villages situated on riverbank are susceptible to mosquito problem, the programme would be useful to them.

In the villages where we carry out mosquito control works we would also conduct awareness programmes,” Dr. Devaparthasarathi said.

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