Ministry working on plan to improve students' skills

Staff Reporter

Over 100 modules in several fields under consideration Only 6.8 per cent of the total workforce in the country is skilled

THENI: The Union Ministry of Labour plans to improve skills of technical students. A special module on employable skills was under the consideration of the Ministry. The main objective of the module is to enhance skill and knowledge of all students, including technical students, according to P. Sivakami, Special Commissioner and Commissioner of Employment and Training.

Inaugurating a programme for creation of employment awareness and enhancement of employability for students of arts and science colleges at Cardamom Planters' Association College at Bodinaickanur on Saturday, she said that over 100 modules in several fields were under process of the Ministry.

She promised that there would be no shortage of jobs in the next decade. Eight sectors automobile, Information Technology, IT-enabled industries, leather, textile, light engineering, financial and constructions would generate 1.5 million jobs. How to tap these jobs was the challenge.

Degree will not do

Mere degree or academic excellence alone would not fetch jobs. Excellent communication skills, critical thinking, leadership qualities, teamwork, innovative thinking and problem-solving methods were needed to get jobs. The industry has been transforming into a knowledge-intensive from a labour-intensive one.

The existing workforce, mostly unskilled, in the country must be converted into skilled labour and all technical students should become employable. Only 6.8 per cent of the total workforce in the country was skilled when compared to over 60 per cent in the developed nations.

Communication skills in foreign languages such as Japanese, French, Spanish and German would be useful for getting jobs abroad, she said.

S. John Philipose, Regional Deputy Director of Employment, insisted on development of quality manpower to meet the growing demand. Specialisation in the respective field and soft skills were essential tools for getting jobs.

C. Rajagopal, college president, said that more such programmes should be conducted to provide opportunities for arts and science students, particularly in rural areas.

Representatives from several companies conducted campus interviews and over 800 students from arts and science colleges in the district took part.