Maize price to hover around Rs. 880 a quintal: TNAU

Staff Reporter

COIMBATORE: With the delay in the onset of the South-West monsoon, farmers were indecisive about choosing the right crops for cultivation.

The Domestic and Export Market Intelligence Cell of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has come up with suggestions to farmers regarding the crops and combination of crops to plant during the Adi Pattam, and also the price forecast. It has given special forecasts for maize, gingelly and groundnut.

According to its analysis, in Tamil Nadu, the maize area under cultivation has shown a dramatic increase from 1.97 lakh hectares in 2006-07 to 3.49 lakh hectares in 2007-08. The production has increased from 7.59 lakh tonnes to 13.37 lakh tonnes respectively.

An analysis of nine years’ price at the Udumalpet market has revealed that the price of maize will be around Rs. 820 to Rs. 880 a quintal for the Adi Pattam sown crop that will come to the to market in October.

Farmers are advised to sow varieties, hybrids with bold grains to fetch better prices. If the approximate number in 100 gm of maize is less than 350, then higher prices can be expected.

In the case of gingelly, even though the cultivation area increased, the yield was not at the expected level. The econometric analysis was made on a 14-year monthly price data collected from the Sivagiri Regulated Market. The inference made is that the price will be in the range of Rs. 40 to Rs. 44 a kg. Since there was no export demand, the price is expected to remain in the above said range.

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