Look at different career options, students told

S.S. Kavitha

Importance of career counselling highlighted

MADURAI: The Newspaper in Education session on ‘My Interest’, which is part of the ‘Career Counselling’ module, explained how individual’s interest should correspond with career option.

The session held at Devasagayam Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Pasumalai, on Saturday taught the students to look at different career options.

After a brief introduction on how students would get streamlined into groups and disciplines based on the subjects of their choice after the board examinations, the session highlighted the importance of career counselling.

Career and job

The session continued to discuss questions such as ‘what is a career, difference between career and job and who decides future plans?’

The resource person said that careers could not be taken for granted as they were the bread and butter that made every person unique.

If somebody happened to find a job that was not his cup of tea, life would become miserable.

Do some soul-searching

When the students said that their parents or teachers decided their future plans and careers, the resource person noted that the individual should do some soul searching to discover the true essence of the self for improving the current stature and excel.

Apart from this, the session also provided space for students to identify their interest, time spent on their interests and whether their interests could make a successful career.

About 98 per cent of students attending the session wanted to become engineers.

Activity session

In the activity session, children were allowed to browse through newspapers to enlighten themselves of the presence of umpteen career options in various fields so that they could choose a field that would correspond to their interest.

The ‘Career Counselling’ module has the following sessions in store for students: Exploring humanities and commerce, Exploring science, Exploring, Emerging and future careers, Fantasy vs reality appraisal and What next for me.

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