Long hours of power cut back in Coimbatore

Everyday activities hit at industries

The district is facing long hours of power cut again for the last three days, hitting everyday activities at houses and industries.

Bank loans

With production declining by nearly 50 per cent in micro industries here, the units are unable to repay bank loans. Many of them face the threat of action by banks.

Considering the present power situation, the banks should waive the interest and grant moratorium to the units to repay the loan, says J. James, president of Tamil Nadu Association of Cottage and Micro Enterprises.

The medium and large-scale industries plan to meet the officials of Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation and submit their suggestions.


“We do not want to resort to protests. But, we want to give our suggestions so that we can manage the situation,” says R. R. Balasundaram, president of The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore. Foundries and textile mills are the worst hit as they are unable to run continuously on generators, he adds.

“Deepavali is nearing and we have to pay our workers bonus and special payments for the festival. With a fall in production at the units because of power cuts we do not know how we will manage this year,” says S. Ravikumar, president of the Coimbatore Tirupur District Micro and Cottage Entrepreneurs’ Association. The association members were on fast for two days recently demanding action to reduce the long hours of power cut in the district.

“We will wait for seven to 10 days and decide on the future course of action,” he says.


Members of the Tamil Nadu Association of Cottage and Micro Enterprises will send telegrams to the Chief Justice of Madras High Court and to the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission on October 12 demanding measures for equal distribution of the shortage across the State and reduction in power cut duration.

Several workers from other States are quitting work and going back home.

The micro industries take up job orders for the medium and large-scale industries and there is a decline in orders. Even the bigger industries are unable to maintain production because of the power cuts, says Mr. James.

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