Lesser yield keeps prices of staple vegetables higher

On the rise: Prices of staple vegetables are not expected to come down till this month-end. —

On the rise: Prices of staple vegetables are not expected to come down till this month-end. —   | Photo Credit: Photo: R. Shivaji Rao

K. Lakshmi

Potato, onion, beans, carrot turn dearer

CHENNAI: The rain in Karnataka and lesser crop yields in places that supply vegetables to Chennai are reflecting on the prices of a few staple vegetables in the city.

Vendors at the Koyambedu wholesale market said potato, which is usually sold at Rs.5 to Rs.7 a kg this season, costs Rs.10 a kg now. As the harvest was hit by the rain in Karnataka from where the market gets its major share of the commodity, the price is not expected to come down till this month-end. The retail price of potatoes is not less than Rs.14 a kg, the vendors added.

Onions are sold at Rs.13 a kg for two months now owing to poor arrivals. Beans and carrots, which were sold for Rs.8-Rs.9 a kg last month, now cost Rs.20 a kg and Rs.15 a kg owing to a poor yield in Udhagamandalam and Karnataka. Broad beans that is obtained from Dindigul district is also priced relatively high at Rs.15 per kg owing to lesser arrivals.

Drumstick and small onions figure in the list of vegetables priced around Rs.13 to Rs.15 a kg. Though the wholesale price of tomatoes has dropped to Rs.8 to Rs.10 a kg, it is sold at Rs.16 a kg at the retail markets in Red Hills and Mylapore.

However, the cost of most common vegetables has declined from the price levels in July. While cauliflower costs Rs.3-Rs.4 a kg, brinjals and beetroots are priced at Rs.5 a kg in the wholesale market.

Among fruits, whose demand increases as the festival season sets in, guava is sold at Rs.10 to Rs.15 a kg. The rate is on the high side, wholesalers said, adding that it was owing to heavy rain in Villupuram, a major supplier of guava. It is sold at Rs.20 to Rs.25 a kg in retail. The arrivals of apples and oranges to the wholesale fruit market at Koyambedu are significant, according to sources.

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