Karur girl tops at yoga festival

Amazing: S. Sabarithaa performing an asana

Amazing: S. Sabarithaa performing an asana  

L. Renganathan

KARUR: A Karur lass has courted international acclaim by claiming the overall championship in the 16th International Yoga Festival held recently in Puducherry.

Coveting glory is not new for 13-year-old S. Sabarithaa who bagged the championship in the female category at the yoga festival besting over 200 competitors from India, China, France, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, the United States and Germany. She stood first in the preliminary competition. Then came the real test _ she had to test her skills with winners from six other categories for the championship title.

That Sabarithaa did with élan scoring pretty high with her acrobatic skills in the practical side of the competition that saw her perform 10 optional asanas and showing remarkable theoretical acumen in the viva voce part of the competition. The Eighth Standard student of the KVBOA Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Karur, had achieved in 2009 what she had yearned over the past four years.

During 2006 she came fourth but improved her showing in the next two years bagging the second position in 2007 and 2008. The 2009 edition of the International Yoga Festival that was conducted by the Department of Tourism of the Government of Puducherry proved to be successful for Sabarithaa. Incidentally Sabarithaa had bagged two first positions in the South East Asian Yoga Championships held at Pattaya, Bangkok, in 2008

Student of the Vivekananda Institute of Yoga Therapy here Sabarithaa says, “she owes her success to her yoga master M. Madhavan.”

By winning the championship at Puducherry, Sabarithaa has booked her ticket for testing her skills with the best yoga practitioners in the world at the World Yoga Festival to be held later this year, probably in Italy.

Diagnosed with Tachicordia, an abnormal heart condition, at the age of six Sabarithaa’s parents Sankar and Ganga Gandhi daringly took the yogic route to get the lass cured of the problem. Now Sabarithaa does not show any sign of the problem.

Her path to further glory is not strewn exactly with roses as the modest parents are fighting hard to find sponsors for her quest for world glory in competitive yoga.

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